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He was always taller than Paltrow, but not by as much as 2 inches, though she looks close to 5'9" than 5'8".said on 19/Mar/17Risin Force, Pitt claimed 5'10" in the 90s and wrote down 5'11" as everyone does in agency comp cards.said on 10/Jan/19Mickey recently with Dolph: Click Here A few variables there such as camera and especially Mickey's hat, but I'd expect about 4" difference nowadays.Dolph wore pretty flat dress shoes: Click Here while Mickey's footwear looked maybe a fraction thicker, but not much: Click Here Mickey still looked a full 5'11" in 2013 with 6' Joe Calzaghe: Click Here and in normal looking shoes around an inch that day: Click Here though I haven't seen a shot of Joe's shoes that day.Boxing licences and fight licences in general are total bs... Made Jean look 5 7 and in the 80s just about everyone else.He would have had to wear 4 inch lifts to pull that charade off.said on 17/Nov/17Most people lie about their height,that's for sure. said on 8/Oct/17Didn't look much different in height to Joe Calzaghe either when Rourke would have been late fifties.

said on 23/Dec/14Has anyone seen him standing next to his russian model gf Elena ????said on 16/Mar/17I don't know if Mickey has lost height now in his 60s, but he was still about 5'11" as of The Wrestler, Expendables and Iron Man 2.Pitt is certainly no more than 5'11" since he admitted it early in his career, but between his boots and posture, he often appeared at least 182 cm or even 6 feet at premieres so it's not surprising he could look taller than Rourke.Tom Hardy said his Bane body was mostly fat plus camera angles,he said it himself.Rourke seems 5'11" but he's probably around 5'9" too,there's a local reporter in my area who met him a few years ago and said he was a lot shorter than he appeared on screen,probably around 5'8" or so.

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He looks max 5'10.5 next to Norman Reedus (whom you met), in these pics of them from 2016: ( Click Here ) ( Click Here ) The difference between him and Sylvester Stallone in these pictures from 2016 looks like it is max.

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