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Gaines, who died in 1992, also repped Steve Martin, John Candy, Tamara Dobson (singer-songwriter Isaac Hayes.

She was able to create a circle of trust within that group.

A script by Bennie Richburg is about to be shopped, one that Jay Pharoah read and attached himself to play Pryor, whom Grier saw at his best and worst.

Her attacker subsequently was killed, possibly by her uncle — an incident that so upset the future poet that she didn’t speak for the next five years. Said Grier: “My grandfather Daddy Ray taught all us girls to hunt, fish, shoot and drive the boat and a tractor. If I had told my family, especially what happened when I was 6?

The men in my family would have hunted those boys down, for hurting me.

“It was like the lifting of a weight, and you will have a strength that you don’t realize, until you need to summon it,” Grier said. And I feel I’m gonna do something, Mommy.’ That is what he called me. You have too much going for you and once you sever those people out of your life and start over, you’ll be fine.’ He wouldn’t listen. ’ Grier got him money that she hoped would not go to drugs.

As for the memorable life story Grier wants to see told on the screen, the memoir provided some of the most unbelievable tales — ranging from her work in those AIP and Corman films to being a ’60s activist, and a romantic life where she fell in love with Abdul-Jabbar, Prinze and Pryor but stopped short of marriage to all of them because she would have had to become something she wasn’t. “I was so compelled to just run over there, but I just didn’t feel I could,” she said. Days later, a friend told her Prinze had succumbed to his demons and killed himself.

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