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To stop the decline of Christmas, in 1907, a priest called George Preca founded a children's charity and society called 'MUSEUM'.

George Sapiano delivered the first known Christmas Eve sermon by an altar boy in 1883, in the parish church of Luqa.

The different types of lamps included, gas powered bicycle headlamps, oil lamps used on farmers carts, colored paper lanterns, Venetian lights, palm fronds and olive branches.

The idea became very popular with people of all ages and so the very special Maltese traditional started.

It has also become common for local churches to organise a mini-pageant with children dressed up as shepherds, Joseph and Mary carrying a baby doll (representing Jesus) acting out the story of the Nativity.

This re-enactment starts at 11pm and is followed by High Mass at midnight.

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  1. Sinclair told Amanpour that she hopes her photographs would not only highlight the problems to westerners, but also show people in the areas where this takes place that if the girls continue to be taken out of the population to forcibly work at home, that their communities suffer as a whole.