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Along with wedding pictures and details, this article also has a profile of Lisa Ray’s husband, Jason Dehni. The Jason Dehni Lisa Ray wedding featured a fusion of both Indian and Lebanese traditions but the wedding predominantly had an Indian theme.Since Lisa is half Bengali, the date chosen for their wedding was 20 October, 2012, which was the auspicious day that year for Bengalis since it marked the onset of Durga Puja, the most important festival Actress Lisa Raye Mc Coy Planning To Getting Married Again.

She’s an eclectic, free-spirited model-turned singer, who’s posed nude throughout her career. I was hired a couple years ago to put together this video wedding invitation for Lisa and Michael. Even though there were some bumps along the way with them, I'm sure they'll work In this page we also give you more about Lisa Raye Wedding Hair, African American Wedding, New Pictures Lisa Raye, Lisa Raye Marries Noel Jones, Lisa Raye Divorce, Lisa Raye and Michael Misick, Lisa Raye and Da Brat, Lisa Raye Mc Coy, Lisa Raye Wedding Ceremony, Lisa Raye Baby Daddy, Kelly Rowland Wedding, Lisa Raye Ex-Husband, Lisa Raye and Gary Payton, Lisa Raye Wedding Ring, Actress Lisa Raye, Lisa Raye Wedding Dress, Lisa Raye Marriage, Lisa Raye Wedding Day, Lisa Raye Movies, Lisa Raye Mc Coy Wedding, Lisa Raye and Vivica Fox, Lisa Raye Mother and Dad, Lisa Raye New Boyfriend, Queen Latifah Wedding, Lisa Raye and Noel Jones, New Pictures Lisa Raye Pastor, Lisa Raye New Man, Prince Lisa Raye Wedding, Actress Lisa Raye Wedding, Lisa Raye Surgery, Michael Misick, Lisa Raye Fight, Lisa Raye Wallpaper, Lisa Raye Married, Lisa Raye and Michael Wedding, Lisa Raye Tattoo, Lisa Raye Husband, Lisa Raye Father. Lisa Ray And Jason Dehni Wedding: Pictures And Details.Lisa Ray marriage to Jason Dehni took place on 20 October, 2012, in Napa Valley, California.If Rocsi knew about the marriage, which she did because we ALL know about the marriage, that makes her wrong!!As a woman, we should all have respect enough for the bond of marriage to not interfere with another woman's marriage!

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Then yesterday on the Tom Joyner Morning Show, gossip contributor Jawn Murray added more fuel to the fire claiming Lisa Raye told him personally that Rocsi was having an ‘out in the open’ affair with her husband and that she was going to come on the air and give out her husband’s personal phone numbers so anybody who wanted to could call and ask him why he’s being such a asshole parading his mistress around.

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