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I relate to her struggle with who she's trying to be.

She's not feeling comfortable with restrictions and I remember being that way at 17 and rebelling against what everyone wanted me to be and who I thought I wanted to be, so I related to aspect of her. (Relating to her character in ATL) Barbra Streisand has always been an inspiration for me.

Fortunately, rumors are circulating that Rose…This is a difficult relationship to nail down.

From our research, it might be that Mike Bibby’s wife might also be Mike Bibby’s girlfriend Darcy Watkins.

The pics show the duo holding each other close as they shared a passionate kiss.She earned recognition for her performance in the 2006 film ‘ATL’, as well as the television shows ‘90210’ and ‘Entourage’.Lauren London was born in Los Angeles, California on December 5, 1984.The actress can be seen wearing a long coat and sunglasses in the photos while Davis, who held Dern's purse as they embraced, dons a red sweater with "have a nice day" written on it.. The site also adds that during their PDA session, the duo looked "very much like a new couple in love."These photos have surfaced six months after Davis' wife, Isabella Brewster (sister of actress Jordana Brewster), filed for divorce.

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