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I would have liked to see a power struggle between the strong new castmembers (had they all stuck around) rather than just joining up with the vets like many of them did.

Perhaps the most interesting thing to think about is how Bananas’ career would have gone if Kenny and Evan had continued to be on the show.

However, I think if Kenny and Evan had continued to come on, it could have endeared the fans more to Johnny.

He certainly wouldn’t have been brought on eight consecutive seasons (10 if you count ), so there wouldn’t have been as much Bananas fatigue.

If Tonya’s allegations are true, then it’s obviously horrific.

But you can’t help but wonder what would have happened if Kenny and Evan had continued to be on the show.

By the end of their run, they weren’t just stars — they were kingpins.

It’s a major reason why the New England Patriots are despised (along with the fact they’ve been caught cheating multiple times) Their dominance did cause some boring competition, most notably on has happened to many other people on this show before (CT, Wes, Derrick, Tony, Brad, Zach, ect.) who have mellowed out dramatically since their earlier seasons.

Personally, I was a big fan of Kenny and Evan, even while acknowledging their faults.

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It’s also fun to think about whether or not Bananas still would have six wins.

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