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Instead you come across women who see you as an ATM.”“There are a few weird women out there,” agrees Ahsan, 37-years-old, artist. Maybe it’s just the thrill of seeing what’s out there — after all poondi (Punjabi slang for when you ogle at people and sometimes undress them with your eyes.It can be very uncomfortable being the object of a poondi gaze) is a national pastime.Most amusingly, I came across quite a few people who put up their wedding photos, or photos with their poori family (biwi and bachey) and also, individuals who are clearly very conservative and very religious (as depicted by their beards, prayer marks on their foreheads and the ‘I love Allah/Islam’ description in their bios) but inexplicably active on a … One wasn’t sure if they know what Tinder is or if they are treating it like any other kind of social network. Winter is when expats, and Pakistani students studying in foreign universities, return to the motherland.And they bring their active Tinder accounts with them.You can only contact one another if both parties mutually express an interest. The application is currently present in 96 countries and claims to have made nine billion matches worldwide.

Using just that you decide to swipe left (rejected) or right (accepted). The net can’t get cast any wider and rejection is swift and easy. ” I was asked grumpily by Taimur, a 35-year-old entrepreneur.

Before the popularity of the smartphone and the emergence of dating apps was the good ol’ shaadi.com, Ok (more popular abroad), randomly commenting on someone’s profile on Orkut and hoping they talk back to you or, even older, joining chat groups on m IRC and making friends online and having endless chats on ICQ before meeting in person.

The point being that young people will always seek out and find spaces to connect with others, but in Pakistan, a major difference is that most of that ‘space’ is online.

So, what if their studies (and lives) are funded by their parents?

They might not even give a full one-line description, but they will always — always — list the foreign universities they have been to or are currently enrolled in.

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In Rawalpindi and Lahore, for some reason, every other man is a ‘Raja’, ‘Chaudhry’ or ‘Sheikh’ and they love posing with their sunglasses on and in front of their cars — as if the cars are equally responsible in testifying to their virility and prowess as a potential match in their photos.

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