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As the credits roll, those who were eaten by the house emerge from the basement.Bones finds that Elizabeth is now dating Skull, Officer Landers and Officer Lester leave to "investigate" some of the trick-or-treating candy, and the dog urinates on a nearby jack-o'-lantern enough to put out its flame.One Halloween, as children tormented her, Constance tried hurting them with an axe, but lost her footing and died in the foundations of the house. Nebbercracker finished the house after Constance's death, knowing it was what she would have wanted.Aware that Constance's spirit made the house come alive, Nebbercracker tried keeping people away by pretending to hate children.

Nebbercracker arrives home alive, revealing that the house is possessed by Constance.The only way to kill the house is to destroy its heart; its source of life.They conclude that the heart must be the fireplace, as DJ realizes that the chimney has been smoking since Nebbercracker died.The trio see Nebbercracker with Constance's ghost for the last time before she fades away.DJ apologizes to Nebbercracker for the loss of his house and wife, but Nebbercracker thanks DJ and the kids for freeing him and Constance.

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