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All our talk of independence, both national and personal, means absolutely nothing if we can’t cure this widespread sickness.

Lloyd's column, which began with a personal account of how she slapped a man for squeezing her breast, only to be met with his ridiculous explanation (he only did it because she looked so good), put in focus the largely male-held assumption that women ask for what they get by dressing or looking a certain way.

Even so, the vagina of a female sex worker is not public property.

Cleverly marketed or not, the vagina of a female sex worker is a private body part.

Her date pointed out ‘your accent is not Jamaican.’ He teased it by trying to say the word ‘murder’ twice.

When the first public Pride in Jamaica took place in 2015, less than one hundred people attended.

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An ACT to repeal the Incest (Punishment) Act and certain provision of the Offences Against Person Act; to make new provision for the prosecution of rape and other sexual offences; to provide for the establishment of a Sex Offender Registry ; and other connect matters.

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