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Therefore, teaching dogs ‘who’s the boss’ by forcing them into some mythical state called ‘calm submission’ is precisely the opposite of what they actually need in order to learn effectively and overcome behavioral issues.Much of this misunderstanding stems from the erroneous application of early studies of captive wolf packs to our understanding of the dynamics of our domestic dogs.Oakley graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in communication, marketing and social media from Michigan State University.While at college, he fell into a short depression after a breakup with a long-term boyfriend. Oakley is known for receiving attention from major celebrities and organizations, such as Liam Payne from One Direction, Chris Colfer from the television series Glee and the restaurant chain store Taco Bell, namely on social network Twitter after commenting on a previous tweet of theirs or tweeting about them. Oakley attributes his success only in part to his accessibility as a young gay man. It's kind of like an underlying theme for me [with gay life] sprinkled throughout the videos." He sees Ellen De Generes as a role model: "She embodies what I want my experience to be and my influence to be, where it's a positive one, it's a happy one, it's not something about the bad parts of life or the downsides of a lot of things.

In the worst case, however, an inappropriate treatment plan based on the misdiagnosis actually exacerbates the patient’s condition, making it even more difficult to solve if and when you realize your mistake.There are two problems with extrapolating those wolf pack studies onto dogs: 1.Dogs and wolves are in fact quite different species. The results of those studies have since been disproved by the very scientists who conducted them.The History of Dominance (in Science) Our understanding of dominance has evolved over the past half-century as modern behavioral science has continued its study of inter-relationships within the animal world.For clarity’s sake it is important to understand how the word 'dominance' became so prevalent in describing dog/dog and human/dog social relationships.

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Obviously, if you misdiagnose the disease, you will also usually end up applying the wrong treatment to the patient.

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