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Unfortunately for Sharpay, this character had some ulterior motives. Until they remembered that they still needed money. They took a job at the country club Sharpay and Ryan's parents owned, but it wasn't exactly the easy summer job they had been expecting.

In the song "Work This Out," they talked about how miserable working there is. Sharpay was pretty clever sometimes but unfortunately, her schemes didn't always work out as she had planned for them to.

In the first High School Musical, people decided to follow Troy's lead and admit to their more unconventional interests.

Even though they were interested publicly in some things, a lot of the characters also had other interests outside of those.

Do you remember what the name of the fish in her song was?

She performed the whole song, complete with costumes and backup dancers and an elaborate set, for him right there by the pool.

Her fantasy included her being the biggest star on Broadway with Troy as her biggest fan and Gabriella as her personal assistant which was totally hilarious to see.

In one part of the song, Gabriella answers to the phone and says someone is calling for them. In High School Musical 2, Sharpay pulled Troy away from his responsibilities working at the country club so she could perform a special song for him.

Do you remember who Sharpay thought was going to come work for her family?

Jimmie "The Rocket" Zara was one of the new characters introduced in High School Musical 3. During the spring musical at East High, Sharpay and Jimmie went on stage together and Sharpay almost had to kiss Jimmie despite not liking him at all. The High School Musical franchise had some seriously heartbreaking moments.

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