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Doctor says it’s related to work but when I sent in my paperwork my work said it’s a results of preexisting medical conditions which it’s not! Bullying and harassment by neighbours is common but there's little information on how to deal with it. Thank you both, I'm not sure where I stand re boundary laws etc, our home is council and she owns hers, and my local authority were less than helpful when we tried to establish an issue over how far back into the woods are back garden goes. That's a criminal offence and you can call the police about that.Her fence is most likely legal as its completely on her boundary, we know she built it just to spite us.Dp lives with me but works 4am till 6-7pm so is not here during the day and I have been spending a lot of time away from the house at friends or just going for a walk lately, just seems to have really got to me this morning after she yelled at me out the window, I was even too scared to take a cereal box out to the recycling box that's out for collection at the bottom of my driveway.I certainly wouldn't be 'good morning' her unless speaks to you, be civil if she does, otherwise there is no point going overboard with people like this, it's just a waste of effort IYAM.However I would be tempted to see if it were possible to make space on the other side of the drive??

Defence agent solicitor Billy Rennie told the court his client had handed himself in.if you are struggling to park - at least it would make that bit of your life easier.Oh and if you can sing or whistle a bit I would do this as I am going in or out as a way of putting a brave face on, don't let her think she's intimidating you.This is horrible for you I really do know and I hope you are clear from your post if there is a partner there with you, if so can you go out for the day, visit friends, stay out in the park or something til they get home?you must call the non-emergency police number.sorry for your troubles reckon she told son loads of paranoid crap that others didn't say so she could watch it all kick off.

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