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In the meantime, what are your questions on these immigration executive orders?

S., regardless of immigration status, have rights under the U. Review the information below to help you understand what your rights are and what to do in different situations.

Make sure you know your rights if you are approached by police or ICE.

End #Trump Raids: 1-202-838-4324 usatoday.com/story/news/nat…

Natasha Bhuyan #Protect Families #NOto Public Charge Call Congress: 1-866-584-3962 phoenixnewtimes.com/news/doctors-n… Revisa estos recursos sobre #Carga Pública que te ayudarán a estar listo con lo que necesitas saber para tomar la mejor decisión para ti y para tu familia. pic.twitter.com/r0QKWmxmf F Los cambios al programa #H2A propuestos por Trump afectarian NEGATIVAMENTE a los trabajadores que actualmente trabajan a los EEEUU y también a los que vienen a trabajar con visa. Entregue su comentario: bit.ly/2Ka7Ofx pic.twitter.com/3Um Vc O70pb 3 Things you should know about the expanded #publicchargerule from @NILC: 1. "These modern-day concentration camps take us back to our long & dark history of caging people of color.

Children & parents are in concentration camps right now so we must spark a conversation tonight as artists, activists, & human beings to finally #Abolish ICE!

End The Deportation pic.twitter.com/Yzl Qc LYMGj Join us for a rally against #Public Charge on Tuesday, August 27th at 5PM at Madison Park in Oakland!

#Census2020 pic.twitter.com/BJPi N8g Gic Undocumented #immigrants, along with the 16.7 million people in the U. who have at least one undocumented immigrant in their household, suffer from the consequences of dealing with the fear of deportation. Too many children have already died at our borders and Trump's new rule to keep families in detention indefinitely will only increase this.

Trump’s immigration policies are inhumane and un American. i America Action.org/closethecamps #Close The Camps pic.twitter.com/Ocqe LJCd Dg A9: The public charge rule weaponizes programs, so families will be forced to choose b/n health care, food, homes, a safe, stable future in the U. #Public Charge Chat #Protect Families pic.twitter.com/2Wvp NYr Uy V A9a.

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We know this rule is designed to scare immigrant families. If we want our communities to thrive, everyone must stay together and get the care, services & support they need to remain healthy and productive.

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