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Also records a DVD full of interviews that she includes with the album.Age 25: Writes a book called , which promotes waiting until marriage for sex, cementing her as a key spokesperson for abstinence.Born: July 26, 1977 to father David (a concert promoter) and mother Helen. Age 8: While attending a children’s church group meeting in Australia, she makes a conscious decision to give her heart to God, a moment that she will remember clearly for the rest of her life as “the best decision I ever made.” Age 9-11: Attends Pacific Hills Christian School in Australia.Age 12: Writes her first song while still in the eighth grade.Her grandmother immediately suggests “James,” confirming Rebecca’s impulse.Age 16: Releases her first major label album, the self-titled Rebecca St. Age 17: Releases a secondary EP titled Extended Play Remixes Age 18: Releases second major album (God).

Goes on Tour with fellow Christian superstars Barlow Girl.

Makes her major film role debut as Colleen in Unidentified.

Age 29: Takes a musical hiatus, while her record company releases lots of successful remixes and compilations.

Releases a new song titled You’re Alive and a new book, Loved: Stories of Forgiveness.

Also wraps up filming on a new movie titled Rising Stars.

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