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One way you can do is that take out the greatest common factor (GCF) of -1 from the equation.

So pulling the -1 gives you the original trinomial with all the signs of the terms changed. In this video the tutor shows how to solve the missing ratios or proportions.

He goes on and further shows how to do this with a couple of examples.

He shows how to reduce any equation into the general form and how to apply the slope formula then. See how to prove the log a log b = log ab logarithmic property with this free video math lesson.

If you know 2 of these 3 sides an you know the angle between them you can find the area of the triangle very simple: Area= (a x b x sin c)/2, where a, b are the two sides and c is the angle b...The long division process is where you write the whole division, multiplication, and subtraction process out showing all your work.Long division is mainly used when dividing large numbers. This video shows you how to easily find the area of a triangle when you know the length of 2 sides and the angle between them.This video shows how to find the formula of a piecewise function when given a graph.The first step is to write a definition for the graph, which is done by identifying the different domains shown in the graph.

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The video shows viewers two different ways to solve a division problem.

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