Hibernate update not updating

Hi all, I am new user of hibernate, and getting confused with the working of save Or Update().

I have read that save Or Update() will update the table entry if there is a record present for that ID, and if the id is not present then it simply insert the record. I have a Role Table like Role_id | Role_Name | Create_Time | Create_User | Update_Time | Update_USer1 Admin At null nullnow when from the UI when an update is happen, I just use this, they are set to null.

You'll need to set all properties to the values you want.

You can't just set a few of them and assume that Hibernate will figure out which ones to update and which ones to not update. Instead of:and nothing more is needed (assuming that your transaction is committed somewhere).

Modifications made after this are detected and if dynamic-update="true" only the modified properties are included in the SQL.

The dynamic-update="true" option will also affect performance negative since Hibernate needs to rebuild the SQL for every update instead of using a pre-generated SQL. String, and by some property(in hbm) i tell hibernate that this will be my default value, so whenever you are going to update a tuple then check whether it is a default value or any other value?

**************Trying to Update*********** Hibernate: /* update flextronics.model.

Ar Cat Customer */ update AR_cat Customer set Segment ID=?

/* I put the people into a map to do some other logic on them */ for (Person person : person All People()) /* I iterate a list creating new Person objects (based on some random stuff), including saving any children entities (managementcodes and stores) that need to be created After I have created a new Person I attempt to find it in the map from above.

If I find it pull it out of the map and put it into an array list that is eventually passed back into the DAO */ private int personid; private String first Name; private String last Name; private Store store; private Management Code management Code; @Id @Generated Value(strategy=Generation Type.

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if it is not the defualt value then leave it as it is, why r u setting it to defualt Value.

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