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was named COMMAND KEY in Unicode 1 (released in 1991).

When I feel attracted to someone, both sexual organs are stimulated simultaneously, making the thought of sex more disheartening for me,” Semnwuh said.

“An angry mob in Douala almost put an end to my life when it mistook me for a gay.

The people found it unbelievable and unacceptable that a human being would possess two sex organs.

Semnwuh appeals to the social welfare bodies in the country to carryout sensitisation campaigns to make people understand that they are normal human beings.

This, Semnwuh explained, will reduce the unjust mob beatings they are subjected to, and also make employers open their doors to them.

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Semnwuha.k.a Claude Batle, is 30 years old and has fully developed male and female sex organs. But it is challenging to wear a pad because the manhood hanging up there, prevents me from completely padding myself.

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