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Custom cloth diapers are a great way to dress your baby up for photo shoots, special occasions, and just for fun! Browse our photo gallery, rate them, and get in touch with sellers to order them, too!

In October 2012, we hosted our first cloth diaper charity event.

Go to top of Fun With Cloth Diapers At Thinking About Cloth Diapers, we've got reliable, up-to-date cloth diaper research to save you time so you can get on with the other things you want to do.

Lil Helper will guarantee workmanship and materials in a properly cared for product for one year from the date of purchase.

disposables and here to learn more about how to use cloth diapers.var utag_data = { "alm_site" : "TAL08", "alm_site_group" : "nationals", "server" : "tal", "page_name" : "article", "content_type" : "article", "sailthru_domain" : "com", "article_id" : "hdi45gmilk", "natural_id" : "405-39587", "originating_pub_id" : "12", "article_share" : "false", "article_headline" : "Real Men Change Diapers—And Want Credit for It!Under normal circumstances, Merries diapers should be used within three years from the date of manufacture.SUPERBOTTOMS ON YOUR LITTLE ONE-SPLASH WITH PANACHE So you’re headed to the beach or the pool with your family, suntan lotion in your bag, inflatable pool floats nicely blown up, shades perched perkily over your head hairband style… Yes, swim diapers exist, but what are they really expected to do?some tasty snacks hidden away in your backpack for that famished little tummy after a swim… When immersed in water, the diaper gets soaking wet anyway, so is there even a point to wearing a swim diaper? Since diapers are designed to be super absorbent, you might expect that your baby’s diaper may start just soaking up the entire pool as soon as the baby is in it, right?! Reusable swim diapers are diaper shells worn without the inserts.

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