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Against the Rest I also compared Duo calls with video calls placed over Microsoft’s Skype and Facebook Messenger.

Against those two, Duo’s simplicity won hands down.

Those using Apple devices will see a notification on top of the screen and will have to open the Duo app before seeing Knock Knock in action.

When more people use Duo, we can expect the picture quality to vary depending on network traffic and internet speeds.

Google has fought back with its Android operating system and a series of mobile apps that are more flexible and compatible with a broader set of devices than Apple’s apps.

On Tuesday, Google underscored that strategy with the release of its latest mobile app: Duo, a video-calling app that is a direct alternative to Apple’s Face Time.

Nick Fox, Google’s head of communication products, said the top priority with Duo was to build a great product and to increase the use of video calling among Android users.

But he added that making Android more attractive to i Phone owners was a secondary motive.

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