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Self-identification is not the same as identity, and some classes of description now may be closer to metaphor.

But the idea that flesh-and-blood humans may actually forge fulfilling emotional, or even sexual, relationships with digital devices is no longer confined to dystopian science fiction movies like “Ex Machina” and “Her,” stories in which lonely techies fall too hard for software-driven femme fatales.

He considers himself a sexual minority facing discrimination.“It happened first with porn, then with internet dating, then with Snapchat sexting.One by one these technologies come along and there’s this wave of panic.For starters, in a world where sex toys that respond and give feedback and artificial-intelligence-powered sex robots are inching toward the mainstream, are digisexuals a fringe group, destined to remain buried in the sexual underground?Or, in a culture permeated with online pornography, sexting and Tinder swiping, isn’t everyone a closet digisexual? Kondo is not the only person to go public about his deep feelings for a digital apparatus in recent years.

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