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Please be informed that this phone number is directly related to fraudulent (SCAMs) activities on allcartlist-com and Craigslist-com, including the following URL- This same SCAM ad has also shown-up on Craigslist in November - allcarlist-com honda-civic -honda-civic-ex_-html Notes: This is a SCAM After sending a long, well-written, story (e-mail) about how the car belonged to her now dead son (Army, killed in Afghanistan) and she cannot stand to look at it anymore, we received the following e-mail- Aside from the fraud and theft aspects about keeping the shipping payment from someone else, this just stinks of a SCAM- " Hi again, The last price is ,- I decided to explain you how the transaction works in a single mail ,so read this email carefully in order for you to understand the transaction- We will use only e Bay to close the transaction-The car is in e Bay custody at their shipping company sealed with all the papers(title signed by me, ownership, insurance papers etc) in Alabama- The shipping is free because i supposed to ship the car to another buyer, then he told me that he doesn't have money to pay for it- He already paid the shipping charges-The payment will be handled by e Bay and they will keep the money on hold until the end of the testing period-This way we can both be protected and insured-You will receive the car in hours depending of your location and you will have the chance to inspect it for days-During the inspection period you can test the car or go with it at your local mechanic for inspection -The car will be delivered directly to your requested address as soon as e Bay will have the payment confirmation from you- In case you won`t be satisfied, you can cancel the transaction and ship the car back on my expense- If you're really still interested just send me your whole name and full shipping address, including your zip code and phone # so I can notify e Bay that you are selected as my buyer and they will contact you to explain the entire procedure- Thanks, Martha Parks " The pictures on Allcarlist-com are the same as used on Craigslist, as is much of the wording, including year (), model (Civic EX), mileage (,), condition, etc- On the Craigslist ad, the phone number used is , while the e-mail address is [email protected] The craigslist ad was only present for two days before being deleted, so clearly these folks are trying to avoid detection- The owner of this phone number does respond to text saying the following: "I posted for my mom, so please contact her at: email for more details about the Honda Civic EX- Thank you" SCAM Run away Once again I get this number calling me almost every other day- I have reported it as well as tried to track down the telemarketing company- The caller ID is POWER DEPT- They are selling dereg electric-I have asked them on different occasions to stop and it keeps happening Pay no attention to this extortion scammer or worry about him- The ploy is to scare you into a state of panic so you'll quick fork over money for a nonexistent debt- The threatening and bullying demeanor proves Officer Jeff Hamilton is a fraud and there's no need to get an advance on your paycheck- If you're worried about it, phone your CC company from the number on your card and make sure all is well- You can also ask if they know anything of this impostor if you wish I just received a call from these people today claiming to be from VIsa and they said that I qualified for a reward from my visa card- They had the number of an old card that was stolen from me a year ago and at the time I didn't think anything of it until I remembered the last four digits of my old card- I've never ordered anything involving acai berry or colon cleanse but they had my email address and my home address- Be careful because these people are getting smarter and trying to trick people to get personal info- I'm just glad I couldn't really understand the person on the phone and just hung up on them after telling them I wasn't interested in anything they had to offer This is a scam call to make you pay "lawyers fee" for defending your case with IRS, threatening that you will get arrested for not paying your taxes etc- Indian accent- Very rude and persistent- Do not fall for this, I was shaking during the call and did not understand it is a scam until they asked to wire money using Credit Union or something like that- When I said it sounds fishy they hung up We get or calls a day from this number, ID only gives a town in NJ- They never leave a message and since we don't know anyone in NJ, we never answer- Sure wish these idiots would find a new pasttime to amuse theselves Weird text first came in as a picture msg that I didn't download- Then they asked if I got their pics and that she's abt to be off in a sec- WTF?Idk how they got my # bc I'm in another part of the country than they are : A person from this phone called asking for husband by his name- I did ask who was taking and the person was rude- Asked me again- Then, again I asked who was asking about him- The person was rude and hang up They have been robo dialing my office for weeks They tie up all lines and usually do not talk- When they do talk they ask for an employee and when told they do not work here they call you a liar and continue with the calls- WISH I HAD AN ADDRESSI got a message for this number, about an item I have on craigslist, the person claimed he or she lives in Ohio, but wants me to ship it to Africa to his or her nephew, They said they wanted to pay via paypal, and they claimed they did and that it would show up after I shipped the item thinking it was alittle odd I looked it up and found put that paypal does not work that way and that if the payment was real it should show as pending and now I found this site, what should I do or these scammers dangreous,??If so, why is no one ever on the other end of the line?

t take the risk- Reach out directly to one of our technical support experts dedicated to helping you at the Microsoft Answer Desk- Or you can simply call us at , or one of our customer service phone numbers for people located around the world-How to protect yourself from telephone tech support scams If someone claiming to be from Microsoft tech support calls you: Do not purchase any software or services-Ask if there is a fee or subscription associated with the "service-" If there is, hang up-Never give control of your computer to a third party unless you can confirm that it is a legitimate representative of a computer support team with whom you are already a customer-Take the caller's information down and immediately report it to your local authorities-Never provide your credit card or financial information to someone claiming to be from Microsoft tech support-What to do if you already gave information to a tech support person If you think that you might have downloaded malware from a phone tech support scam website or allowed a cybercriminal to access your computer, take these steps: Change your computer's password, change the password on your main email account, and change the password for any financial accounts, especially your bank and credit card-Scan your computer with the Microsoft Safety Scanner to find out if you have malware installed on your computer-Install Microsoft Security Essentials- (Microsoft Security Essentials is a free program- If someone calls you to install this product and then charge you for it, this is also a scam-)Note: In Windows , Windows Defender replaces Microsoft Security Essentials- Windows Defender runs in the background and notifies you when you need to take specific action- However, you can use it anytime to scan for malware if your computer isn?

its freakin harrasmentsame as above comment only it was said they were the promotions department for Caribean cruise line called herself Jennifer- I called bback and Jennifer answered and then like she remebered something she said it was Caribean Cruise lines- I suggetst we spam her with calls Got the same letter, seems fishy but didn't call- Says its sponsored by direct buy on shaw ave in Fresno- Sounds like a it ensnare type presentation, you must attend for a min presentation and have a household income of , or moresame complaint they had been calling my house times a day, they are from india and they are re routing the calls using a number from new jersey, check your credit cards-they took dollars from mine, the product these telemarketers are selling is bright teeth whitening kit,i found a costumer service number and guess what??

the guy who answer had a Hindu accent, the place is advanced wellness, they are located in the states, what im thinking that they are using telemarketers from india to save money, if u want to call and complaint the number is , the are scammers they use different phone numbers- i got phone calls from , when i called back the same day the already had disconnected that line- Also i got a call from - i called back and there was the costumer service with the option to not receive calls from them , but that did not work, Good luck Called to offer one week free stay at hotel in Orlando Fla if you rented a car front them- I supposedly won this by completing some survey online- They asked if I wanted to be transferred to someone for more details and I declined and they said just to ignore this call I was in a minor accident and this company keeps calling me on my cell and referring to themsleves as Doctors Wellness Company- Cynthia just wanted to ask me some questions about my injuries (there were and are NONE), my gosh, ambulance chashers for Doctors, what is the world coming to???

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such as during the recent cleanup effort begun in our botnet takedown actions- These calls will be made by someone with whom you can verify you already are a customer- You will never receive a legitimate call from Microsoft or our partners to charge you for computer fixes-www-microsoft-com security online-privacy avoid-phone-scams-aspxthis man called my friend today looking for my friend for me stating he was Richard Brown from US Lawenforcement agency-they called before and i actually work for a goverment agency-they stoped calling for like mths then they just started calling again-threatning us with police etc-the police and fbi work riht across the street and in our building so guess what i did,lets see if he calls again LOLThey only call you if you are an insurance agent- The number they call is the one listed on your state's insurance department registry as your business phone number- If you do not want calls you need to take it off that registry So, caller ID says "NAM"And the guy ID's himself as national Association of Manufacturers-But, this exact number pulls nothing, so I called them-This number IS NOT one of theirs-Do Not Give Them Any Company Info- They might just be looking for a reason to send you an invoice, This number is calling and hanging up on our answering machine- They are calling multiple days at the same time, p- They called April and again tonight, May th- I don't know who they are but I'm sure it is telemarketing and I am on the 'donotcall' registry- I wish there was a way to prosecute them so they would have to pay a stiff fine for disturbing our peace- I always have to take my phone off the hook during prime time TV nights and at other times I received the same call at :pm It def is a false call- Good thing no info was given- It is disturbing to know they even have my number tied to my bank name, but US Bank is really good with anything that may be fraudulent My VM indicator was blinking on my handset, so I checked- Six seconds of silence and then they hung up- Annoying At least they could leave a message as to what they want, or if they have reached my number in error, they could apologize- Inconsiderate buffoon I got a call from this number as well,it is Patricia Kirkland,supposedly calling from Wells Fargo Bank for Publishers Clearing House- , Claiming she has a check for you,when I told her to send the check, she said ok and hung up on me- I called back tonight a week later to find out where the check was, she said the IRS is holding it for insurance and if I wanted it I would have to pay over - to the IRS for insurance This number has called me over times in the past hours- I finally answered it and it was a foreign man trying to get personal information saying I was granted a loan - that I did not apply for- When I said stop calling he was verbally abusive- I called the number back and the same man answered and tried to disguise his voice- I asked repeatedly what business it was and the only answer I got was "it's a hospital baby"- After saying some slurred words they hung up- This same voice has called me from numbers all over the past days - TN, FL, TX, CA,it's ridiculous and they should be stopped-Other numbers - , ,and many more that I already cleared This loser Brian lapolt claims a business House of Graphx but is pranking people- I looked up the # and looked up a business with that name and there isn't one Just some couple operating a business without a business license at Franklin Avenue Monticello, NY - Probably dodging paying taxes to the IRS and NY State- Operating such a high volume business without a license I think is a fraud felony as long as they have been doing it in NY- This couple rips of every single trademark out there Even Harley Davidson- Simply insane and down right underhanded sleazy, if you ask this woman- That is my cents worth Call came in this eavening at : P: M: They hung up before I got a chance to answer it like usual- I see others getting calls from this number also- I thought solicitors were not allowed to call after a certain time-Kerrie Robo-call claiming to be my local healthcare provider wanting to give me *options* for different types of care- Press to talk to a live rep, Press to have them call back, Press to have info mailed to me, Press to be removed from calling list- Riiiiiiiight Had to laugh my a off on this one, considering I've been using the same provider for years now- Options for care my a- Next time, I'm gonna have some *fun* with the morons This number called me and asked for a strange person that I have never even heard of, and they couldn't tell me what department the person work for- I work for a company and I could hear noise in the background of people talking- I think it could have been a collection agency I feel stupid for giving them my name an date of birth- Would have never given them by credit card # for a - S &H fee- Supposedly own a gift card, but they couldn't tell me where I made a purchase or completed a survey online Told him I was an attorney and this doesn't sit well and he told me ok, but call back at anytime- Hopefully they can't scam me from the info provided- Lesson learned- He did have a deep indian accent- Someone let me know if something occurs from this We receive calls from , out of area, constantly- We are on the DNC list, also- No message is left on our recorder- Googled: Nan Dowling Photography, in CA, is listed as owning this number- Hope someone of authority will finally stop these calls- I never answer the phone"The factory warranty on your vehicle is about to expire-"Really?

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