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I read every blog I could find about what life in Asia would be like and asked the few connections I could find piles of questions, most of which were disappointingly practical (like how to find a veterinarian).Apparently, the expat life is not the easiest thing to describe or define.Even on my first day my boss introduced me to a team and asked them to make certain I had company for lunch – as though I was the new girl in middle school.Just to be clear, that’s not how my first day back in the US went – even at the same company.

Some of this is just because we have a strong company culture and I work with many lovely people, but much of it is also the Asian culture.

It’s easier to be solo (logistically speaking) in Asia than it is in the US.

One day a few weeks into my new job I was riding the elevator with a coworker.

I should also mention that I’m about 14 years into my career and in my mid-thirties. In Asia, high stress from busy-ness and chores evokes more of a sense of pity.

While all of the above is absolutely accessible to every single woman, I recognize that budgets vary. A suggestion that “it’s sad you don’t have a family to share everything.” 1a.

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Her words: “but who does your laundry and cooks dinner for you??

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