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Just as she’s titillated gossip columns with her (real) on again/off again romance with much older rocker Marilyn Manson and (never-actually-happened) affair with her much, much older co-star Mickey Rourke, Wood has dazzled in films both indie (). At just 21 years old, Wood has proven to be that most freaky-deaky hybrid: classic Hollywood starlet, but hard-wired for serious acting.“I’m used to being in big crowds of people, so when I get in an intimate setting I laugh really, really loudly.Recently, it’s been really bad: I’ve been extremely giggly. Maybe because I’m happy.” Her chuckle seems not so happy, however, when the rumors of her supposed dalliance with Mickey Rourke come up. “Of course we’re going to be slightly rowdy at the after-parties, but we just have fun.After all, Wood proved exceptionally authentic as Tracy, Thirteen’s anarchically precocious teen protagonist dangerously in thrall to the holy trinity of sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll.Her embodiment of wasted adolescence felt way too effortless and lived in; it was the realness of Wood’s performance, rather than the jerky hand-held cinematography that gave Thirteen the scent of documentary reportage. ” Wood states unequivocally, sidling into a back booth at a sleek pan-Asian bistro near her home on Los Angeles’ West Side.Once I started looking at clips of her, she looked like a wonderful actress and looked very good for the part.

“In some scenes, she went as far as an actress could go—maybe too far.She blazes through Allen’s existential malaise with blonde naïveté, innocent sexuality and an omnipresent grin.“I was not surprised by Evan’s comic timing,” Allen says. She just has it built in.” Melody’s note-perfect Southern accent was built in, too.She goofs constantly, gesticulating and sticking her tongue out for emphasis like a kid, cackling ostentatiously when the waiter brings over a plate of sweet potato fries, which she promptly devours with refreshing glee.“I need to work on my laugh,” she says, suddenly self-conscious at her outburst.

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