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her crush on nick jonas turned into a major relationship and then a painful breakup, all of which unfolded while she was headlining the most buzzed-about concert tour of the year. the person i admire most is my sister because she always does what her heart says my friends make fun of me for snorting when i laugh the person i trust most with my secrets it (circle all that appy) a. ), we had no idea she'd end up being so controversial!the picutres she took with friends ended up on the internet-now tabloids are practically begging the people she hangs out with to betray her by offering up to 0,000 for personal photos. I feel happiest when I am recording songs My most embarrassing moment was when I fell in the hall in 6th grade The craziest thing I ever did for a guy is change my hair color The three things I can't live without are: 1. All I knew then was that she seemed like she had really grown up in the last year and become a totally cool girl.miley: sometimes it's hard, especially when it comes to my body. miley: like, he would get in late, or i would get in late, and i'd be really cranky. and i was like "is this just too much for us right now? i was rebelling against everything nick wanted me to be. he's really fun, but he's very serious and into his work, and i'm not like that. at the beginning, we had a lot of trouble being friends. miley: well, i'm very much about "no sex before marriage." when i was 12 years old, i said to my mom, "i want to fallow what the bible says-would you buy me this ring? but if i were having sex, she would immadiately be like, 'tell me. Miley apologized, held her head high, and vowed to do better next time-the right thing to do.i have big boobs and curves, so i hear things like "watch your body-you need to wear this and that." you can't be voluptuous because that's not the image. i had a lot of weird, personal things about me put on the internet-a lot of gossip. or i'd want to get breakfast, but he would have to do a radio show. is this just something that is really inconvenient at this time in your life? and i was like, i've got to be myself for now, and just figure out who i really am. i'm like, how can i be serious when my job is to be funny all the time? and if something is going on in my life that i'm not happy about, i can change it. i get to do what i want, when i want and i love it. it's easy to be a guys friend, but once you've been together, it kind of messes things up. maybe he'll be a best friend for the rest of my life, or maybe i'll end up marrying nick jonas! i want to wear it and promise it." she got it for me, right then and there, it was awsome. i think it's earier when the guy believes the same thing as you do, so you're not always fighting a battle. miley: we're very close, so we can talk about anything. let's get you on the pill or something." and my dad would be like "what are you thinking? The buzz blew over, but I'm actually more worried about the lasting saide effects of the whole thing.the real miley is just a 15-year-old girl: she drinks frozen cappuccinos with her friends, she's obsessed with the Jonas brothers, she takes crazy pictures with her buddies, and she's also made some serious mistakes. ONE LAST THING this has got to be the best part of all things miley in the mag IMO, the letter from the editor: Hi!but what sets her apart from every other girl you know is that she lives her life under a judgemental magnifying glass. the bible because it is the truth helps me through every tough situation! so when we picked miley to be our covergirl (for one of our biggest issues of the year!Joe claims that it is his "choice to break up", he said, "Demi and I knew going into our romantic relationship that it may not be an easy one.I realize over the time we have shared together that I feel I care more about our friendship right now.

she opened up to seventeen about everything-the girls who betrayed her, the truth about nick, and the price of perfection. and i feel really greatful to my fans for everything they've done for me, and for standing by me. Do you feel pressure to be as perfect as your TV character, hannah montana? and then, on the day we broke up, i was like, i want to make my hair black now-i don't want to look pretty; i want to look hard-core. the nick thing is in my past, and i can't be living there. it's like brad and angelina, miley and nick jonas-i want to be a part of something that's real. miley: we're very close but definitely in a different way. does every guy you date have to share your beliefs? i'll do dumb accents or i'll start making up my own language. it's great getting him up early in the morning-he so crabby when he first wakes up, so i'm like calling him at am. People were saying that after her mistake, she wasn't worthy of being a role model.

she's really the only person i can call and say anything. they're their own people-i think they're much better friends. he was on a quest to meet me and he was like, "i think you're beautiful, and i really like you." and i was like, "oh my gosh, i like you so much." nick and i loved eachother.

And Nick is there because it was a concert & he prolly wanted to go too duh. And tons of ppl have said they say them going around town together alone.

I personally think that Ocean Up should not have flipped out on those girls. If she did tell Ocean Up, why would Ocean Up tell other people?

They are a celeb news site & should acting professional, NOT being involved in drama, let alone, reveiling sources…IF they are even true. But why would Demi even reveal her friends’ private information in the first place?

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And it looks like theres a girl behind Nick anyway, maybe Demi?

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