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Most tiles with high gloss, metallic finishes or special colours will tend to be rated in this group.

Tiles used for very heavy traffic areas, like PEI 5, are designed with function as the foremost concern, aesthetic design next in importance.

At first I thought it might have been something to do with my western style clothes.

Today, tiles are made in many different sizes, including 20” by 20” for those spaces that would benefit from a stone “slab” look.

Actually, only “unglazed” porcelain tiles are through-coloured, meaning that if the tile is chipped, the colour showing beneath the top layer will be the same throughout the thickness of the tile.

Once a tile has been glazed, whether ceramic or porcelain, the body under the glaze will never be exactly the same colour or texture as the top layer.

How a 41 year old guy accidently 'discovered' Thailand and its delicious food, amazing lifestyle and super friendly Thai women so much he COULDN'T leave! It was so bad that once the taxi had deposited me at my hotel, I didn't dare stray out of seeing distance from my lodgings.

It was like a scene out of Blade Runner - traffic madly whizzing past, huge overpasses jutting skyward, strange food on every corner.

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  1. Well chicas, get ready to dominate that dating scene. Is that something you think is really important – limiting alcohol intake? But if a man starts drinking three, four drinks she’s starting to think, "is he an alcoholic? That way, if nothing happens with a guy or he’s a total loser, who cares? So there’s a lot of reasons why going by yourself is your best bet. On your show, you also really preach “sex after monogamy” – why?