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In 1877, Carol led a successful joint revolt of Romanian and Russian troops against the Turks.

The Congress of Berlin of 1879 marked the end of Turkish domination.

The northern region developed into a principality called Transylvania, the south into a principality called Walachia, and the east into Moldavia.

Throughout the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, Walachia and Moldavia battled repeated invasions by the Ottoman Empire.

The Transylvanian Alps in the central region contain the highest peak, Mount Moldoveanu.

The eastern and southern regions are characterized by rolling plains.

They eventually succumbed around 1500 and spent more than three hundred years under Turkish rule.

In 1601, the principalities of Moldavia, Walachia, and Transylvania were united for the first time under Prince Michael the Brave.

The coat of arms, adopted in 1992, consists of a gold eagle against a blue background holding a cross in its beak, a sword in one claw, and a scepter in the other.In the 1980s, Ceaucescu's government charged citizens large sums for permission to leave the country, a policy Germans felt was aimed specifically at them.Since Ceaucescu's regime fell in 1989, many Germans have emigrated. The official language is Romanian, which has Latin roots that date back to the Roman occupation of the area but also contains words from Greek, Slavic languages, and Turkish.In the fourteenth century, the country adopted the Cyrillic alphabet, but it later reverted to Roman lettering.Magyar (the language of ethnic Hungarians) and German are spoken, as are Serbian, Ukrainian, Slovak, Czech, Bulgarian, and Turkish.

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