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If you're not familiar with the story, here's a wiki.So when the girls decide to boycott the boys, everything changes at Olympia High.We’ll happily arrange after-work drinks or even a weekend brunch.Our goal is to always create an environment that makes getting to know your match as easy and as fun as possible.There are more people coming to these events than just those that RSVP on-line.While members are free to date each other, this is not a dating service.

Suddenly Elle and the popular girls are ready to take a stand.To prevent disappointment due to wrong expectations, we put together the following outline of the philosophy and practise which we follow when building our fine community.Read more Why is online dating actually such a great way to make new acquaintances?Honestly, I don't miss those days often, but books like Dating on the Dork Side make me a little bit nostalgic.Dating on the Dork Side is a quick and hilarious read about what happens when one of the smartest girls in school stumbles upon a website that just happens to be all about the girls in her school - and not in a good way. The jocks are the kings of the kingdom and the cheerleaders, pom squad and other popular girls join them in their rule.

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There use to be a group "CNY Singles" from Utica NY.

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