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Even when we know letting go of a particular relationship is in our best interest, like in the case of an abusive dating relationship, or dating a married person or dating an unbeliever, it is not always an easy decision.Many times a Christian single may struggle over feeling guilty or think that that the right person will never come into your life if you break…Do you have difficulty accepting singleness as a Christian single?

Sometimes letting go of a relationship can can be harder than finding a girlfriend or boyfriend.

Joe Biden of Delaware as his vice-presidential candidate, mainly due to Biden’s foreign policy background. We pray for each of the singles who write to us, and we hope you do too.

Barak Obama and Joe Biden as running mates in the 2008 Presidential Election! The following very sad heartbreak quote came in today.

Like Job, they figured if they could, they would ask the Lord a few questions on some things they…

That’s right-we are going to talk about sexual purity, the topic that everybody likes to avoid.

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  1. While thinking about a new relationship as well as your current breakup, keep in mind that you continue to be married until your divorce is finalized; therefore measures you take until that time could affect your pending marriage-termination litigation.