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University of Warwick professor, Monica Whitty, in a paper published in February this year revealed victims are typically “middle-aged, well-educated women” who “tend to be more impulsive, less kind, more trustworthy, and have an addictive disposition”.

The Federal Government’s Scamwatch site has good advice which centres on not sending money to partners and provides clues to help spot fake social media profiles.Facebook messages appeared more regularly in a tone that, with the benefit of hindsight, seemed more demanding: “what are you doing online”, “who have you been speaking to” they asked. “There may be much larger operations where you have [scammers] working in shifts and handing off to each other,” he says.Michael was set to travel to Australia mid last year. Days before he was set to fly, he sent an exasperated message claiming he bought the wrong non-refundable plane ticket and that his passport was cancelled for elaborate reasons. Kathryn’s online sleuthing about his predicament gave her pause to reflect on his frantic request for money, and his escalated messages. “They may have CRM (customer relationship management) systems and work an account (a victim) in the same way that staff in high-pressure sales do.” In such an environment, text messages to victims could be written by any scammer while voice calls would be made by a consistent perpetrator.He came to Telstra's cyber security unit after serving as an infosec correspondent for various tech-focused publications.You'll find Darren in his spare time pursuing all things fitness and breaking things on his motorbike and around the house.

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