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Josh Kiszka: We always say it’s like [ages] eight to 80 because there’s parents.You see the older generation that have lived all of that with a sort of like nostalgic glisten in their eye.We see the lead off single “Highway Tune” blowing up [five consecutive weeks at number one on the active rock charts], and not only is it taking off at rock radio but also with tremendous sharing on social media.

Sleaze Roxx: One of the things we have noticed is how good this EP sounds sonically. A journalist was talking to Jake [Kiszka] the other day and he thought it should be called ‘renaissance rock and roll [laughs].’ Sleaze Roxx: Greta Van Fleet is now headlining and selling out bigger venues [1,000-2,000 seat capacity] than they were when they were just an opening act and are selling out at venues where you are booked multiple nights.And then there are their kids and their kids’ kids. And they want to share that kind of music and that experience with their families and their children. Sleaze Roxx: It just seems like dance/pop music is shoved down people’s throats these days and MOST of these artists are here today and gone tomorrow.What do you notice about people your age as far what they are actually listening to?Sleaze Roxx caught up with Greta Van Fleet’s lead vocalist and elder twin Josh Kiszka for a candid conversation about his band and the state of rock within the music industry today.We are particularly excited about this band because of the sheer velocity of success they’re garnering in such a short time.

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Your vocal approach is extremely clean yet it is very obvious you are NOT using auto tune, backing tracks etc…. It was always for me, as an artist, I wanted to be a film maker, which was really the centre of my attention.

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