Dating in todays modern society

Perhaps there might be, but is it really better for you?

To say modern dating is tough may be an understatement, and while dating apps and sites are supposed to make the process easier, for many, technology is often the leading culprit in miscommunications, hurt feelings, and unwarranted expectations.

And other guys aren't helping, lots of people are shitty.

A good friend of mine got completely stood up twice in two weeks by some tinder guys. Then I text them asking if they want to meet at a coffee shop. Texting women nowadays is a black hole most of the time. With the internet, I simply must get the best reviewed thing in my price range.

I believe in the organic process, and truly find that moment upon first meeting that gives you the childish butterflies to be lost.” -Jonathan, 32“Let's be honest, apps like Tinder put an emphasis on looks versus real qualities like personality.

‘Swiping right’ on a potential match is most likely done because we like what we see.

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