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Pedro Noguera, Professor of Education at New York University. Creating Schools Where Race Does Not Matter: The Role and Significance of Race in the Racial Achievement Gap -- another excellent article by Dr. It challenges educators to think critically about the reasons why a student is misbehaving before employing disciplinary measures. Why Race and Culture Matter in Schools: Closing the Achievement Gap in America's Classrooms.

Hispanics were nearly as likely as African Americans to pay higher prices for their mortgages at 29.1%." A Good Credit Score Did Not Protect Latino and Black Borrowers -- this 2012 study of mortgages signed during the years 2004-2008 shows that African American and Latino borrowers with high credit scores were three or more times likely to be inappropriately "pushed into" high cost, high risk mortgages than whites with the same credit scores.

The Racial Wealth Divide Project -- research and publications documenting ways in which government policies have contributed to racial inequalities.

Racial Bias Built Into Tests -- a 2000 article about a successful case brought against a statewide Texas aptitude test that was found to have racial bias built into its design -- the article also explains that the test construction methods used in designing this test are common.

The Mis-Education of the Negro -- this is an online copy of Carter G.

Woodson's still vital 1933 book, The Mis-Education of the Negro, with an excellent Introduction, "History Is a Weapon," by Charles Wesley and Thelma Perry, who write: "The most imperative and crucial element in Woodson's concept of mis-education hinged on the education system's failure to present authentic Negro History in schools and the bitter knowledge that there was a scarcity of literature available for such a purpose, because most history books gave little or no space to the black man's presence in America. In Search of Wholeness: African American Teachers and Their Culturally Specific Classroom Practices.

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