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That includes editing each other’s work, bouncing ideas off one another, and planning trips together (even if they’re not traveling together).They’ve also learned each other’s favorite sports and now they both climb, bike tour, trail run, and ski.“We learned a lot about each other by screaming over the howling wind. “Life is fascinating and weird and worth staying awake for.Hopefully good relationships come from that state of reverence.” Before the two met, they already shared a love for sleepless nights and exploring cold, remote places.“We live, work, and play together, which I don’t know is the right thing for all couples, but it seems to work for us,” Leonard says. “We try not to overdo the couple thing on social media,” Oliver says. Brendan just started ‘dating’ me on social media because he thought it would help his Instagram following to have a girlfriend with a long, blonde ponytail.” Ages: 30 and 35 Location: Park City, Utah Power-couple credentials: She is a climber, producer, and environmental activist who recently earned her master's degree in forestry from Yale.He is an artist, co-founder of Camp4 Collective, and professional climber for The North Face.

How they met: At Camp 2 on Mount Everest in the spring of 2012.

“I was bringing Conrad Anker an espresso, saw Emily in their team’s hangout tent, and gave her the first shot instead,” Ballinger says.

They spent the following month getting to know each other back at Base Camp.

“He had that special glint of ‘tortured artist who enjoys sleepless nights on the computer’ in his eyes,” Rees says. ’ ” Behind the scenes: “Is this where I say some cliché thing about how you can’t want what others have?

For their first date, Ozturk invited Rees to climb the Golden Face/Complete Exum route up the Grand Teton: “It was a 24-hour first date so we count it as 10 dates,” says Rees. ” Rees responds when asked if she has any relationship advice.

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  2. Not completely out but I am interested in meeting guys. Coming out was the most difficult thing I've ever had to do, but I guess it was especially challenging because I still don't quite know how to tell someone...