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As we gear up to celebrate Malaysia Day this 16 September, we’ve compiled a list of interesting facts you probably didn’t know about our beloved country: 1) The Jalur Gemilang was designed by an architect Yup, you read that right!The Malaysian flag was designed by a 29-year old Public Works Department architect named Mohamad Hamzah in 1963.Legend has it that the corridor of Gua Rusa – a 2km-long passage of caves which is a part of the Sarawak Chamber – could house five rows of eight Boeing 747 jetliners parked nose to tail! 13) Malaysians have the highest number of Facebook friends Malaysians are the friendliest people in the world…at least on Facebook!10) Malaysia’s total highway length is longer than the Earth’s circumference We’re not joking. According to a 2010 survey conducted by international firm TNS, Malaysians have an average of 233 friends – the most in the world!The Jalur Gemilang was first raised in front of Istana Selangor on .

The name was found in Ptolemy’s book Geographia, written about A. Allegedly founded in 1136, Sultan Mudzafar Shah I was listed as the first Sultan of Kedah.If you are single and are ready to mingle then there can be nothing better than this service.You can make many new companions and go out on dates. To experience this journey all you will have to do is be a member of this online dating service.3) The REAL date (and location) Tunku Abdul Rahman announced Merdeka We all know that on 31 August 1957, Tunku Abdul Rahman stepped onto the stage at Dataran Merdeka and declared independence with seven shouts of “Merdeka”, but do you know when Tunku actually announced the date of independence?The Father of Independence announced the date of independence on 20 February 1956 at Padang Bandar Hilir in Melaka. Well, it was because the state was where the foreign invasions began (the Portuguese invasion in 1511 and the Dutch invasion in 1641) before the whole Peninsula was colonised by the British, therefore Tunku thought it was only appropriate that Melaka be the place to proclaim the independence date.

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Holding a 100-year-old ‘keris pukal’ in his right hand and shouting ‘Merdeka’ several times, Tunku announced 31 August 1957 as the date of independence in front of an ecstatic crowd of 100,000 people.

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