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Employment contracts can be difficult to understand and may involve complicated employment law.If you have any questions about your contract or want your contract to be reviewed, please contact GMW advocaten via the form below.During illness, an employee must meet a number of requirements, in particular, they are expected to do their best to get well as soon as possible.Discussions can arise between an employer and an employee over whether the employee is ill or not.On top of the gross base salary, Dutch employers must pay an eight percent so-called “holiday allowance”. In the Netherlands, an employer must grant an employee at least 20 holiday days if the employee is working full time.But, 25 days is typical, excluding official holidays such as Christmas.

Second, an employee retains the rights to receive a salary.

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Are you being offered a temporary contract or a permanent contract?

Preferably, you want a permanent contract, as this is the one that gives employees the most protection.

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The law states that the employer has to pay at least 70 percent of the last salary which the employee received before becoming ill.

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