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Fine metal pewter was used for tableware objects and low grade pewter was used for objects that were not in contact with food.Pewter, by the 19th Century, was used in large numbers for casting objects such as tankers, oil lamps and lanterns, candlesticks, tea sets, etc.A crowned X quality mark meant that a hard alloy was used. Capacity marks demonstrate how much liquid that an object can hold like a 1/2 pint or a 1/4 pint.

It is usually un-lidded and has a handle and is for drinking out of. – generally it is as described above but with a working lid. It can be lidded or un-lidded, with or without a spout, with or without a handle and is used to pour liquid into other containers to drink out of.The Imperial Standard was introduced in 1826 to ensure uniformity of standard through the land.This Wigan Mug is likely to have had a private owner as it has had very little use. WHAT SOME VERIFICATION MARKS MIGHT MEAN AND HOW TO What is a drinking mug?THIS IS A BEGINNERS GUIDE; WITH THE INTENTION TO ENTHUSE THOSE, WHO HAVE LOOKED AND WONDERED, INTO TAKING AN INTEREST IN PEWTER COLLECTING – FOR A MORE SOPHISTICATED AND DETAILED UNDERSTANDING PLEASE CONSIDER THE READING LIST IN THE READING SECTION OF THIS WEB SITE’ Checking the Hall Marks with the Pewter Society data base we find these hallmarks represent the firm of Bolton and Wylde who traded from the Pepper Mill in Wigan from 1822 to 1835. But there are no verification marks so either it was made for a private owner who did not need it verifying (official recognition of the capacity it holds) or it was pre-imperial - that is before 1826.

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