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Part III: Safe Work Practices HHS Logo and CDC Logo A Program designed for: Infection Control & Occupational Health Personnel, Healthcare Administrators, Sharps Injury Prevention Committees Speaker Notes: [Note to presenter: Feel free to discard slides or information to tailor this slide set to your particular organizations needs.] Slide 2 Speaker Notes: In Part II of this slide set series, we discussed a primary method of reducing sharps injuries.

Obviously, the risk for sustaining a sharps injury is eliminated when needles or other sharp objects are substituted with alternative needleless systems.

Slide 6 Speaker Notes: If you are disposing of sharps with attached tubing, such as a winged-steel or butterfly needle, be aware that the tubing can recoil and lead to injury.

Be sure to maintain control of the tubing as well as the needle when disposing of the device.

In addition, there are some engineering controls that may be used in the OR to reduce sharps injuries.

For example, round-tipped scalpel blades may be used rather than traditional sharp-tipped blades.

Smaller, but significant percentages of sharps injuries occurred because safety features were not activated, or improperly activated; safe work practices were not followed, or sharps not disposed properly.

Still other injuries related to work practices occur during collisions between workers and during decontamination or processing of used equipment.Preparing and alerting the patient before the procedure may prevent some of these injuries.Slide 4 Speaker Notes: Many injuries related to work practices occur while sharps are being passed between different individuals, or transferred to a different location.Personnel also continue to be injured by the improper disposal of used sharps.These injuries occur when sharps are left in unusual locations such as laundry or linens or are stuck in mattresses, left in pockets, or left on tables, trays, or other surfaces.

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