Dating and marriage customs in kenya

A bride might bear a very powerful and strong child which is so important for Africans.

In some places of East and South Africa the grooms’ family move to the brides’ village because they think this process is so important for their bride to be happy and to create a healthy family.

Because the bride virginity will be highly valued and pleasure in Christian marriage, with everyone in your house being shamed if the bride is not virgin at marriage.

At the house the ladies family ceremonially block the entrance on the house.

The associates must play strongly and force their way into your house.

In some situations family may ask the groom or his family to come back at a set later date because they like to see: a) if the family has no genetic disabilities or chronic illness in the family b) if family has a good reputation in the city and of course good incomings c) if he has no illegitimate children or girlfriend or has another marriage .

d) if the groom is of good and lovely person and well matched to the new bride For the set date the groom themselves and his family, in conjunction with invited guests show up early for the brides house.

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In Ethiopia the Karo people usually enhance a young brides beauty by tattooing and painting her body with different African symbols.

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