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The duration of the calls to her lasted from 15 - 85 minutes, often calling her late at night after he had already said goodnight to me. They had been talking business for a couple of months now and he explained the phone calls as getting to know someone whom he felt comfortable talking to about their hometown.He said they got to talking after one of their two business meetings, which he claims he mentioned to me he was attending before he flew out there. I told him I didn't feel comfortable about that since he never mentioned her before, but he was more concerned with why I looked through his cell phone to begin with.We have a couple of online accounts together that he set up, all with the same password.Sneaky as you may think I was, I decided to bring up his cell phone bill and use that password. I looked at the numbers dialed in December and sure enough her numbers were dialed multiple times a day. He was doing some work with her company and she was his contact.After thinking about it, I decided I would give it a shot.That week I met with my boss and told her about my potential plans.Our conversations lasted about 5-10 minutes in duration and it seemed like he either had to rush to get somewhere or he called me late at night and said he was tired and going to bed.

He said he hadn't talked to Rochelle since he got back from his last trip in December.

He took me to a college football game and I even bought a whole bunch of Chicago gear to join in the team spirit.

We drove out there and on the way back home our conversation was mostly about how much fun we had.

I was especially concerned since I knew he was leaving the next day for Chicago again.

This time he was going out there for another meeting regarding the job.

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