Dating a nicaraguan man

They say insensitive things like “I don’t really believe there are people in the world that are starving” and just ignorant things that just shock me. How do you explain where he came from without making someone feel totally awkward or think less of him.. It’s been an adventure, and a times truly trying, but God has blessed us with so much. I can’t wait to be back in the adobe house carrying water or waiting for the bus to come by to go to the big super market. If you listen to the hearsay online, you’re likely to believe that all Nicaraguan women are pretty ugly.It’s harder than other places, but there’s a few major benefits, too.

He won’t even warm up left-overs in the microwave by himself.. but after three years of marriage, he is just starting to do this. He washed his own clothes in Nicaragua and helped wash mine & Ali’s.I’m not naive enough to think that it didn’t exist, but I was surprised to see a lot of people’s reactions to Moya & me here in the states.I’ve also been with him when he was accused of stealing stuff because of his color (& they said that exactly). I guess being white I haven’t really had to deal with this before.After he finished high school he went to live with his aunt while he studied in Honduras and he did even more chores there for all of his older cousins and also took care of a baby (another thing men would NEVER do) because of that he has a really good work ethic and isn’t as opposed to what would normally be considered things that only women do.

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