Cystic fibrosis not dating each other

I didn’t consider lung transplant until I was in love and found the will to live.

Before then, I didn’t care much for life because I didn’t feel it was worth the investment. But my girlfriend at the time served as my motivator.

Relationships can be great for a person with CF, as can singleness.

As a result, if they spend a lot of time together, they can readily swap infections.

I felt like I needed to leap into a new relationship to reclaim self-worth.

With terminal illness, it often seems like I’m racing the clock.

Shortly before my medical training, there were a lot of “CF camps” out there where children with CF could get together, bond, share their experiences with each other, learn about their disease, etc.

They were great for the young patients' morale.

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After my breakup, I struggled to realize what I’d fought for.

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