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For the monogamous, High Joy offers a "one-on-one" membership that lets you sign on to chat privately with each other and control each other's toys, without access to the community rooms and profiles.You can't contact people through their profiles, and they can't see yours.You tell him that you have to stop typing for a moment so you can lock the door.Then you have the "action" level, where you describe what you're doing together in the fantasy. Then there's the level of what you are really doing, whether you confess to it or not.

Internet-enabled sex toys also add another level of sophistication to cybersex.The first time I used a vibrator during cybersex, I worried that bringing such an obvious physical component into an activity that relies on imagination would dilute the experience.It takes work to tune out the messy desk, the neighbor's loud television.You can control someone's Sinulator toy from any browser on any operating system; High Joy's product requires the Windows-based chat client.High Joy has an exclusive agreement with Doc Johnson toys, while the Sinulator works with any vibrator with a 2.5-mm plug.

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