Cougar dating techniques

Regardless of your reasoning—there's zero judgment here—you're trying to meet someone for a May-December romance.Although frankly, most people seeking dating sites in this category usually want something along the lines of casual dating, NSA, or FWB.Some of the best sites to try are Cougar Hot & Seeking .The dark side of this is that sometimes the Cougar gets the man who does not want to grow up.First off, all payments only are in pounds (UK$), thus skewing how I can report the affordability of the site.It's about middle-of-the-road cost-wise, depending on the exchange rate.

There's live chat, more than a million members, a beautiful interface, "naughty" mode, and lots of search options, so why does Be Cougar rank lower on this list?​​ Slightly more expensive than some other sites on this list (.55-29.95/month; free for cougars), and missing any sort of live-time chat options, this site does boast an eye-catching, slick layout with many fun features.There are ample members to choose from (1,000,000 ) from mostly Canada, the US and the UK, and you can verify your account to prove you're real.Although the site says it's dedicated to cougar dating, Older Woman Dating does partially share in the database of members at Successful Match.As the only 100% free cougar dating site that I could find with enough members (800,000 ) for a potential match, Cougared got some major bonus points right off the bat.

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