Constantly updating themselves with

I ignored it for some time now, but it started getting annoying over the past few weeks.

It became quite a concern regarding possible damage to components in the system overheating.

My suspicions focused on a possible process accessing more CPU cycles than usual.

The solutions presented here might vary depending on your configuration, but they are worth a try if you are experiencing a similar problem.

Surprisingly, it worked and the CPU fan stops revving up. I tried a few times while ending the following services: Device Setup Manager, Computer Browser, Windows Update; none of it made any difference.

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Out of curiosity, I checked under Noticing I had the option to get updates from more than one place enabled; I tried my luck and turned it off. Since writing this article, I have not heard my CPU fan rev up.

This does not isolate other factors that might contribute to excessive CPU usage.

Some users have reported sync settings located under Accounts can also trigger this behavior.

Modifying what gets synced can reduce the impact of the CPU fan remaining on constant.

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