Consolidating two itunes libraries

For Win 7, the i Tunes 11 Music folder's default path is C:\...\...\Music\i Tunes\i Tunes Media.For i Mac, the path is...\Music\i Tunes\i Tunes Media.Now I have a new, small library on the Air's internal HD and the older, larger library on the external drive. :)My sure to backup anything before starting just in case something goes wrong.[b]Also, please note that this involved 1 computer and 1 external HD.[/b]This is what I did:1.

I find though, that I did occasionally need to sync an i OS device while away form my external drive with my new Mac Book Pro.There is a guide about how to play DRMed M4V movies without any authorizations. I have a large i Tunes library on a WD 2TB external hard drive from a older computer in which i Tunes would play items off the external HD and no i Tunes item save on the internal HD.To merge them permanently in Mac OSX, I will demonstrate you how to fix this knotty problem. Make sure update two i Tunes libraries with i Tunes 9 or later and maintain compatibility with the same version. Keep content in the same relative path on the new computer.Case 1: Move your i Tunes media to a new computer with the same operating system. Navigate to the "Edit" in the main menu and choose an "Prefences" option from drop-down list.

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There are lots of songs in common between multiple i Tunes libraries, is there a way to merge two i Tunes libraries without duplicates?

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