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For example, to consolidate data from worksheets named Sales (in cell B4), HR (in cell F5), and Marketing (in cell B9), in cell A2 of the master worksheet, you would enter the following: Tip: To enter a cell reference—such as Sales!B4—in a formula without typing, type the formula up to the point where you need the reference, then click the worksheet tab, and then click the cell.By commenting, you are accepting the DISQUS terms of service.After deleting snapshots on a VM either by deleting an individual snapshot or selecting "Delete All" snapshots, you may see the following warning for the VM, stating that disk consolidation is needed. So as example DNS1 (with Simple DNS plus) has its own VM, DNS2, WWW, FTP, MAIL, My SQL, File Maker, DC, v Center, Spice Works etc Now I am rebuilding everything and upgrading all those Windows Licence would be too much for my Budget.I had 3x Dell 2950 (32Go RAM) with VMWare Essentials and just bought 2x R710 and will be using Star Wind for HA and still VMWare Essentials Plus (For all the added values) Is that a good way to go, we are between 5 and 15 users at peak.When you consolidate data, you assemble data so that you can more easily update and aggregate as necessary.For example, if you have an expense worksheet for each of your regional offices, you might use consolidation to roll these figures into a master corporate expense worksheet.

Consolidation by position: The data in the source areas has the same order, and uses the same labels.

Use this method to consolidate data from a series of worksheets, such as departmental budget worksheets that have been created from the same template.

Consolidation by category: When the data in the source areas is not arranged in the same order but uses the same labels.

Consolidate on the VM and it completed successfully.

This issue can often occur when a virtual machine backup solution creates a lock on a VMDK and fails to correctly release it.

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