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Some details are suspiciously dropped; nothing is ever made of Gucci's horny brother (Deep Ng), the threatening serial killer is never fully dealt with, and the ripped-from-the-headlines HIV storyline (involving a john posting a list of possibly infected girls online) is resolved in a predictable, pseudo-sensitive manner.Stripped of its style, Girl$ offers little new to this genre besides the same lip service about how sex workers are people too.The style helps hide some of the film's other deficits, like some shallow, undeveloped characters.Also, only one actress (Una Lin) is contracted for nudity, but the fast pace and generous editing may prevent some audiences from realizing such.She currently manages Lin (Lin yu Xuan), who has fallen in love with one of her clients.One day, Icy meets rich girl Ronnie (Bonnie Xian) on the Internet and ends up indirectly influencing her to start the compensated dating life for her own reasons.Kenneth Bi shoots Girl$ with copious style and plenty of flash.

Finally, there's Gucci (Venus Wong), a 16 year-old high-schooler who wants to sell her virginity to the highest bidder to pay for - what else - a limited edition handbag.

Their quick friendship beggars some belief, as the girls hardly seem compatible or alike besides their common trade. If Ronnie is rich and the girls are friends, why won't she just buy Gucci her limited edition handbag to stop her from engaging in underage prostitution?

No reason is given, but that's par for Girl$, which is more often glib and cursory than it is incisive.

Anchored by breakthrough performances by up-and-coming actresses Michelle Wai (Happily Ever After), Bonnie Xian (Moss), Venus Wong (High Noon), and Lin Yu Xuan, Girl$ strays away from being a typical morality tale about youngsters living on the edge by offering no clear moral judgments on the girls.

Bi's camera is constantly on the move as a spectator on the sidelines, simply capturing the lives of the girls, why they do what they do, and the life-and-death consequences of their actions.

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Icy lines up clients with girls for paid dates, she does this mainly to support her loser boyfriend.

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