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(The Atlantic recently declared we are in the midst of a “sex recession.”)But Dr.

Many couples opt for more practical solutions that avoid the societal expectation of wedding vows and diamond rings. We, as a culture, should learn to respect and value these relationships with or without the titles we’ve developed to categorize them.Fisher, a senior research fellow at the Kinsey Institute.“I would like people to understand that while millennials are not marrying yet, and they are not having as much sex as my generation, the reasons for this are good.”The millennial cohort is roughly defined as those who were born in the 1980s to the early 2000s — although there is some debate about the boundaries. The millennial generation is putting that theory to the test, opting for what the biological anthropologist Helen Fisher calls “slow love.” Studies show that millennials are dating less, having less sex and marrying much later than any generation before them, and a younger generation appears to be following in their footsteps.These changes have prompted hand-wringing among some experts who speculate that hookup culture, anxiety, screen time, social media and helicopter parents have left us with a generation incapable of intimacy and commitment.

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Never did I hear the similar phrases as I had about my husband, despite the length and significance of the relationship with my Just calling each other boyfriend and girlfriend at that stage in our relationship felt too juvenile.

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