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In legal terms, Paul is a “Sexually Oriented Offender,” which means that a judge has deemed him to be less of a risk to you and me than offenders classified as “Habitual” or “Predatory.” Unlike them, he’s not subject to notification.

That means that the sheriff’s department doesn’t send out postcards or knock on doors to tell his neighbors who he is and what he has done.

It was a little emotional for me, but these are treasures to me. In the last two photos, I'm wearing gloves because the casing was "tacky".

To my surprise, among all of things in the box was the birthday gift I had given to him in 1987, the CM Passport. Cincinnati Microwave put a rubberized coating on the case that hasn't faired well over the decades, but I'm alright with this because I'll never actually use it, anyway.

I've been reluctant to open it since her passing, but I finally did so last weekend.

I liked it so much that I bought one as a present for my Dad's 65th birthday on April 8th, 1987. All of my sibs received similarly-identified boxes, too.But this is the reality: He is a convicted sex offender.Because of his crime he has a place in the pantheon of people that our society feels free to hate with abandon. He grew up in Cincinnati, a nice boy—bright, well-mannered and compliant.He is divorced, and he lives alone in a large, well-kept suburban apartment complex.All around are men and women who are, like him, people in transition.

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