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Evert had raised her three boys at the home but decided to sell up as her sons are now all over 21 and have flown the nest.

I won't even say "baby" or "child," because we have no idea how far along she was, nor is it any of our godd*mn business.

It teaches you a lot about hanging in there and not giving up. She lost to Billie Jean King but ricocheted into the public consciousness, and immediately defied public expectation.

And it teaches you a lot about belief in yourself.”A defining moment in Evert’s career came in 1971 when, aged 16, she reached the semi-finals of the U. As a child, she had a temper, and so her father (a professional tennis coach) advised her to become more reticent in her game adopting an air of steely mystery would keep opponents guessing.

When the firsts finished, Evert continued to rack up numbers.

Scoring 18 Grand Slam singles titles, overall she won 157 singles championships and 32 doubles titles, fashioning a career whose impact was felt far beyond the lines of the tennis court.

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TENNIS legend Chris Evert has sold her stunning Florida mansion for £4million - nearly double what she paid for it.

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